Pychometric Testing

Psychometric tests are often used as part of a recruitment process. They are a way for employers to assess your intelligence, skills and personality. These tests also evaluate your capacity to work with others, process information and cope with stress.

These tests are only done on request for specific level of positions

A psychometric test for recruitment can give the client insight into many aspects of a candidate, including:

A natural aptitude for specific skills like:
    • Ability to do complex figure work
    • Working with words and being able to read/prepare finely detailed documents
    • Well defined spatial skills
    • Attention to fine detail (alpha or numeric)
    • Ability to focus for long periods of time without deviation
    • Ability to do repetitive tasks accurately over and over again

Natural leadership skills, and if they’re:
    • An organic leader who’s inclined to spontaneous open-door type policies
    • A mechanistic leader who thrives best under strict rules an structures
    • A classical leader who prefers power-based, autocratic structures
    • A democratic leader who prefers to involve others and work in a team structure
    • A delegate leader who prefers to operate from behind the scenes

Natural personality traits like:
    • Ability to remain calm and rational under pressure
    • Ability to make quick decisions in stressful or crisis situations
    • An innate desire to help other people
    • Naturally outgoing and people-orientated
    • Naturally combative or confrontational (making excellent debt collectors)
    • Naturally persuasive and can convince or motivate other people
    • Prefers a number of different tasks in their working day
    • Prefers to specialize in only one or two tasks
    • Easily distracted (people who are easily distracted are excellent at multi-tasking)