Our Services

Permanent Recruitment


In this ever-changing business landscape, we are flexible with our approach to recruitment. We provide our customers with a local, international and specialist service

Candidate Coaching Services


Great talent is too busy being great during office hours, our coaching sessions are done with flexibility. We can appreciate that each individual is different with different responsibilities, therefore, we schedule virtual weekly meetings with our candidates.

Business Consulting


Our Business consulting is twofold – It’s personal and finding the right guidance through a mentor is not always easy as every single business is different.

Psychometric Testing


Psychometric tests are often used as part of a recruitment process. They are a way for employers to assess your intelligence, skills and personality. These tests also evaluate your capacity to work with others, process information and cope with stress.

CV Writing


We offer a CV writing services, during which we format, re-word and edit your document. The information on your CV needs to be relevant, professional and must properly highlight your strengths, achievements, experience and qualifications.